Short-grain varieties

5/25/50 kg
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Short-grain varieties

The kernel is more rounded and shorter, not as transparent as that of coarse and medium grain rice. Great for making puddings, milk porridge, desserts and of course sushi, as this variety has good adhesion properties due to its high content of persistent starch.

The weight of 1000 kernels of round grain rice is: 18.0-22.0 g.

Polished rice 1 grade GOST 6292-93
Polished rice Premium grade GOST 6292-93
Polished rice Kuban TU 10.61.12-001-68471811-2018
Polished red grain rice (Devzira) TU — 9294-015-53444607-15
Polished Rice Oiled (Kamolino) TU 9294-014-53444607-14
Round grain rice

Your own harvest

Our company owns more than 3000 hectares of its own land, on which from year to year our farmers and agronomists grow various varieties of rice of the highest quality with high yields.

Own warehouses and elevators

Our company has a large number of its areas for the storage of raw materials, as well as finished products, which gives us the opportunity to carry out constant monitoring and quality control.

Full production cycle

Our company has a full production cycle, from growing rice paddy on our own land and ending with the supply of processed rice of the highest quality for the end consumer.

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Delivery - auto, railway transport. Delivery of finished products is carried out by rail and road transport.


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Certified products

The plant is certified according to the ISO GOST R 9001- 2011 quality management system. All products are manufactured on modern high-tech equipment manufactured by South Korean company DAEWOO GSI.

Advantages of cooperation

Professional approach to manufacturing technology based on innovations, constant quality control, own raw materials and an individual approach to each customer