01 about us

Maryanskiy Rice Factory was founded in 1999.

The enterprise specializes in the processing of Kuban rice and is confidently in the TOP4 in the country. We produce the highest quality products for all types of consumers.

International quality standards

All products of the enterprise and all production processes comply with international quality standards and are controlled by our own certified laboratory.

More than 15 rice products

Thanks to modern equipment and a highly developed technological process, we can offer more than 15 types of rice products.

Waste-free production

Our company operates on the principle of waste-free production. All products obtained in the course of work find their application.

all over the world
Delivery - auto, railway transport
02 Services


Our company guarantees to organize any type of delivery at the request of customers.

more than 5
types of packaging
02 Services


Our company provides services for the packaging of rice cereals in various types of packaging for retail and wholesale.

up to 120 tons
of raw rice is processed every day
02 Services

Processing of raw rice

On the territory of the plant there is a receiving and drying complex, consisting of a FOB (receiving and cleaning tower) in the amount of three pieces, each of which is assigned a grain dryer from 16 metal silos combined into a single complex, as well as from warehouses for floor storage of grain.

up to 1000 tons
of raw rice goes through a side job every day
02 Services

Sidework and storage

Our company provides a whole range of services for third-party organizations. This list includes services such as Receiving-Cleaning-Drying-Storage of raw rice.

04 parthners

Our partners

The enterprise specializes in the processing of Kuban rice.