Coarse varieties

5/25/50 kg
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Coarse varieties

They have a large oblong nucleus, transparent in whole or in part. It is most often used for cooking pilaf, since the grains tend not to stick together and keep the desired shape, which corresponds to the best cooking traditions of this dish and allows pilaf to remain crumbly.

The weight of 1000 kernels of large-grain rice varieties is: 28.0-32.0 g.

Polished rice Premium grade GOST 6292-93
Polished rice 1 grade GOST 6292-93
Polished rice Kuban TU 10.61.12-001-68471811-2018
Rice Hulled ordinary (Cargo) TU 9294-001-53444607-07
Polished Rice Oiled (Kamolino) TU 9294-014-53444607-14
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Delivery - auto, railway transport. Delivery of finished products is carried out by rail and road transport.


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Certified products

The plant is certified according to the ISO GOST R 9001- 2011 quality management system. All products are manufactured on modern high-tech equipment manufactured by South Korean company DAEWOO GSI.

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